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Boost productivity and morale

June 7 2016

If you work in an office, there’s a chance you’re surrounded by gray cubicle walls, away from natural light and windows. This type of environment can be depressing; luckily there’s a simple solution that can brighten your indoor workspace: bring a plant into the office.
  • Bringing plants into the office creates a pop of color that can prove relaxing, especially when surrounded by synthetic and drab office furnishings. It connects you to nature, and helps bring a sense of relaxation, even in a high stress position.
  • Flower arrangements supply your cubicle with a pop of color and many flowers release nice, light scents that many find relaxing.
  • Plants purify the air. Just as they do outside, plants help filter the pollutants out of the air in an indoor office. Because offices rarely have windows that open, the air inside can become contaminated with a buildup of dust mites, cleaning products, and mold. Obviously, the more plants you bring into the office, the better, but every little bit helps.
  • When placed in an office in large enough amounts, plants help reduce noise. Much like fabric drapery and carpets, the presence of plants will increase worker productivity by mitigating the amount of distracting noise in the work environment.
  • A number of studies suggest that bringing plants into the office can boost productivity significantly.
Bringing a bit of greenery into your workspace can dramatically improve your mood and brighten your office. At Janousek Florist, we can help you find the right plant for your deskspace. If you have a plant or display in mind, order online; we can even deliver to your office in the Omaha metro area. Contact us today to find the right plant for your workspace.

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