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Different Meanings of Rose Colors

July 19 2016

Sending the Right Message

Roses are the perfect way to send your thoughts, affection, or love, but different colors of roses traditionally have different meanings, and you want to get the sentiment right. Since 1913, Janousek Florist has been providing quality flower delivery throughout Omaha, and our rose bouquets are our best selling pieces. Because we want you to always find something you and that special someone will love, we offer more than a hundred different rose colors, designs, and arrangements, so see what they each mean and order yours today.

Red RosesRed Roses

Red roses are traditionally associated with romance, respect, and enduring passion, but most importantly, the deep red color represents undying love. For this reason, red roses are the flowers of choice for lovers around the world, and will make the perfect bouquet for the love of your life, whether for a proposal, an anniversary, or just because.

White Roses

Because white is almost always associated with purity and unblemished innocence, this colored rose represents new beginnings and purity of intention, making it the rose of choice to state worthiness and young love. However, it also represents virtue, honor, and reverence, making it the perfect memorial rose to remember loved ones who have passed.

Pink Roses

Pink is one of the few roses that may take on other meanings, depending on the shade. Hot or deep pink shows gratitude with refinement while a lighter shade may represent a feminine gentility, grace, and elegance. Pink roses are perfect to show someone admiration and appreciation.

Lavender RosesLavender/Lilac Roses

Purple is most often associated with royalty and majesty, making the lavender rose the perfect choice for love at first sight. A lavender rose says "you enchanted me,” and is perfect for first impressions, first dates, and cautious desire.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are the friendship flower. Reflecting the happy hues of sunshine, yellow bouquets have been known to cheer people up, express joy, and show platonic love. Because yellow lacks the romantic subtexts that many of the other roses may exude, it is the perfect flower to give to your true friend.

Orange Roses

Because orange is the marriage of yellow and red, it is known to represent bridging the gap between friendship and romantic love. However, it’s bright and vibrant hue can also represent fascination, enthusiasm, passion, and excitement. If you are sending orange roses to congratulate a friend, it’s best to mix it with yellow or white roses. If you are sending it to a more-than-friend, make sure the blooms are bright, vibrant, and anything but subtle.

Red and White RosesRed and White

The purity of white mixed with the passion and love of red brings about a bouquet that represents unity, dedication, and commitment. Perfect for surprising your new bride, or for making your spouse of 20 years feel a renewed affection and love.

Red and Yellow

Combining the gaiety of yellow with the passion of red shows a profound and lasting happiness and true joy.

When you are looking for rose bouquets for any occasion, Janousek Florist has the very best selection in Omaha, offering fresh, stunning blooms that will send the right message every time. Order your flowers online today!

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