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Caring for Your Indoor Azalea Plant

June 7 2016
If you were given an azalea plant, you may be wondering how you can keep your plant happy. Azalea plants you receive from a florist are distinctly different from the plants that grow outside. They’re specifically designed to thrive inside and can thrive year round with proper care.

What makes them different?

Azalea plants that grow indoors are known as greenhouse azaleas. While they are rhododendrons, like their outdoor cousins, they’re actually two separate types of plants. Outdoor plants are capable of surviving harsher weather and can come back year after year. Cold winters and warm summers are less of a concern for outdoor plants. Greenhouse azaleas require a cooler and more consistent climate.

How much sun do they need?

Greenhouse azaleas need plenty of sunlight to thrive, but it should be indirect or filtered. The key to keeping your plant happy is keeping it cool. Greenhouse azaleas thrive in rooms kept around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and will wilt in warmer temperatures. A lightweight white curtain will allow enough light to reach the plant, but will also protect it from sun damage. Keeping the room cooler will help preserve the blooms, giving your room a longer lasting colorful accent.

When should you water?

Azalea plants require plenty of water and consistently damp soil. Always keep the plant moist; allowing the soil to dry out can damage your plant and prevent the blooms from lasting. To water an azalea, frequently water the top layer of soil and let the water soak into the roots. You may also want to place the plant in a larger container of water, submerging the entire pot. When you water with this method, you’ll notice bubbles coming out of the soil. Allow the plant to stay in the water until the bubbles stop. At this point, you can remove the pot and let the plant drain. Though azaleas love water, be careful to avoid overwatering. Overwatering can cause the roots or soil to mold and will damage your plant.

When should you fertilize?

Only fertilize your azalea when blooming has stopped. Azaleas require acidic soil to thrive, so you’ll want to use an acid-based fertilizer to preserve the pH of the soil. This will ensure that your plant has the best conditions to continue to produce blooms.

Will they bloom continuously?

When properly cared for, indoor azaleas can bloom for three to four weeks. After the initial blooming, you can make the plant bloom again, but it will require some effort. Keep your plant between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit for at least a month and a half. This is most feasible in the autumn and as long as your plant receives indirect sun, the area is suitable for storage. Just make sure the plant is not exposed to freezing temperatures. After a month or two, your plant should be back to blooming.

Should you prune them?

Like all house plants, greenhouse azaleas do need occasional pruning and shaping to stay healthy and happy. When you notice the blooms have died, remove the flowers. Once the plant is no longer flowering, prune the excess growth with pruning shears.

Follow these tips, and you should be able to enjoy your indoor azalea plant for many months to come.

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