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Janousek Florist Blog

June 7 2016 - 5 Things to Think About Before Meeting With Your Wedding Florist

You’ve booked a venue, found a dress, picked a color scheme, and found a caterer. All that remains is picking your flowers. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re looking for; that’s why you came to a florist. What should you expect when you come for a consultation with us? Fig ... Details

June 7 2016 - Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh--Cut The Stems

Everyone knows that cut flowers make excellent gifts for all occasions. Though they’re far from permanent, they add a touch of color and can brighten everyone’s day. One common myth is that once you receive a bouquet, it dies quickly and cannot really be preserved. With proper care, you’ll be able ... Details

June 7 2016 - Boost productivity and morale

If you work in an office, there’s a chance you’re surrounded by gray cubicle walls, away from natural light and windows. This type of environment can be depressing; luckily there’s a simple solution that can brighten your indoor workspace: bring a plant into the office. Bringing ... Details

June 7 2016 - Proper Orchid Care

Orchids--they’re elegant, beautiful, and carry an air of sophistication into any room. In the last few years, they’ve become incredibly popular in offices, homes, and just about anywhere a touch of color is welcome. At Janousek Florist, we sell a wide variety of orchids from phalaenopsis to miniat ... Details

June 7 2016 - She’s Got Flowers In Her Hair

Choosing bridal attire is one of the hardest tasks when getting married. Do you go with a family member’s gown or choose something that is distinctly yours? Should you wear a veil or should you avoid it entirely? These are all considerations that are ultimately your decision, regardless of the pre ... Details

June 7 2016 - 6 Tips to Design Your Perfect Bridal Bouquet

We’ve already discussed what you should consider before meeting with your florist to discuss your wedding flowers, but now we’re going to turn our attention specifically to the bouquet. Even smaller bouquets are designed to be eye-catching and the centerpiece of your entire look. Many people plan ... Details

June 7 2016 - Caring for Your Indoor Azalea Plant

If you were given an azalea plant, you may be wondering how you can keep your plant happy. Azalea plants you receive from a florist are distinctly different from the plants that grow outside. They’re specifically designed to thrive inside and can thrive year round with proper care. What makes the ... Details

June 7 2016 - Local with the Convenience of Online Ordering

You’ve seen the commercials, heard the jingles, and probably have considered ordering flowers from online companies with headquarters located hundreds of miles away from Omaha. Their online selection is so convenient, and surely they can ship flowers to your neighbor quickly and easily. While this ... Details

June 7 2016 - Birthday Gifts for Those Who Have It All

Finding the perfect birthday gift for someone who already has everything is never easy. You could always go with a gift card, but those gifts feel impersonal--unless the person specifically asked for it. At Janousek Florist, we have a number of arrangements to help solve that birthday gift dilemma ... Details